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Rustic Doors: Reclaimed hewn barn beams and siding

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin: You won’t find these doors in any other home in the world. Hand hewn by Master Craftsman Paul Driessen from reclaimed barn beams, these doors were shaped and sanded to bring out the natural grain, texture and luster of the White Oak.

While store-bought manufactured doors would’ve been sufficient, they would not fit with the rustic style of the cabin. The doors Paul created came from salvaged barn beams which he cut down and shaped using hand tools passed down from generation to generation. He kept the character of the wood by bringing out the beauty in the texture of the grain.

"I enjoy projects that offer a challenge. The challenge could be in the proposed materials or in the mechanics of the design. I know I can do it and the fun is in figuring out how."


Master Craftsman Paul Driessen

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