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"Paul and his team were great to work with! They stayed true to our design vision and executed to the T!"

Appleton WI Homeowners

It's all in the design: From one island and no room to move, to two islands –– one for food prep and one for dining/entertaining with plenty of walking space.

Design/build kitchen remodel, Appleton, Wisconsin: The homeowners wanted a sleek, modern aesthetic that would energize and brighten their kitchen. They envisioned an open, contemporary design that would make food preparation enjoyable and efficient.

The Look 

Handcrafted black lacquer cabinetry frame the brick wall and the window, creating clean lines and balance. Horizontal lines from the windows continue through the floating shelves to the back doors and wrap around the wet bar. Carrara Marble countertops and backsplashes embrace the room with luxuriousness while touches of gold add a pop of bright metallic. We incorporated the existing brick oven wall as a textural counterpoint to the bold, modern remodel.


The original island blocked the flow of the kitchen “work triangle” as it did double duty as a breakfast bar and food prep surface. It was not close to the stove or oven and the refrigerator was on the opposite wall adding extra movement to accomplish cooking tasks. Additionally, if people were seated around the island, it was difficult to get to the refrigerator or main sink.


Our design reorganized the space, allowing for a large food prep/storage island, as well as a separate dining and entertainment/bar island, without compromising storage space while increasing the flow of movement within the kitchen. The new layout allows for easy movement and efficient work flow between the refrigerator, food prep area, sink, and stove.

Nuova Venetian Kitchen: Bold in black and gold

Initially, the homeowners had concerns that their expectations for their remodel might not be realized. When we were researching for the right contractor for our remodel, we weren’t sure if we could find someone who could understand our brief well enough to execute; or have the craftsmanship for some of the unique aspects of the build. Paul and his team stayed true to our design vision and executed it to the T!"

This project won the following award:
2022 NARI Milwaukee RotY Silver Award for Residential Kitchen $60,001 to $100,000

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