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"Our remodeled bedrooms blend with the existing architecture, yet incorporates updated technology, that will allow us to enjoy the space for years to come.”


Sheboygan WI Area Homeowner

Contemporary Bedrooms: Artistry and craftsmanship

Primary and guest bedrooms remodels; Sheboygan, Wisconsin: This Asian-influence Primary Bedroom remodel was part of a bigger project in a home designed by Russell Barr Williamson (protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright), that included the Asian-influence Primary  Bathroom suite and a Contemporary-style Guest Bedroom. In the primary and guest bedrooms, distinct wood grain Philippine Mahogany wall units with floating shelves transform plain walls into a personal style statement and creates a contemporary showcase for the homeowner's art collection.

Paul Driessen, Timber Innovations owner and master craftsman, skillfully matched the intricate patterns in the Philippine Mahogany wood grain throughout the design elements. To add individual character to the space, materials obtained during the homeowner’s travels were incorporated into the design. Artisan banana paper in the storage sliding-door closets and the accompanying Asian-influence Primary Bathroom adds texture, interest and a unique continuity to the primary bedroom suite.

Contemporary-style Guest Bedroom

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