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"This was the first year Timber Innovations entered the Chrysalis Awards, and to take home top honors on the first attempt is impressive."


Ken Kanline, Director of the Awards

New addition and whole house remodel; Green Bay, Wisconsin: This typical mid-western house, built on a beautiful, large wooded cul-de-sac, needed updating. The owners wanted an open plan so the family could be together despite doing different activities in different rooms. They also wanted to enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna year round. A new four seasons addition, with multi-slide doors, retractable floor-to-ceiling screens, heated floors, and fireplace would provide the perfect year-round entertainment space.

Timber Innovations built a contemporary-style addition, as well as renovate the rest of the first floor. There were many challenges, including fitting the addition into the property, updating the exterior so it blended with the new construction, and the logistics of the addition balancing on the fireplace structure.

Artistically engineered, this contemporary addition stands out like a beautiful piece of sculpture, incorporating traditional styles with modern industrial detail. It had to be built in a specific sequence due to the design which made the Rumford-style fireplace chimney the main support of the structure. The fireplace footing was deeply set in order to bear the weight of the horizontal steel beams.

Additionally, the home underwent a myriad of changes to open up the space and make it more useful for the family:

  • In preparation for the new addition, an existing elevated deck, back window and door systems were removed. Sliding doors were replaced with floor to ceiling windows. The old casement window became the entrance to the new four seasons room.

  • The interior walls for the kitchen, utility room and dining room were taken down.

  • To match the rest of the home with the renovation, stone veneer that was used on the new addition fireplace and main chimney was added to the bottom half of the home's facade. Steel channel headers were installed over windows and doors, bringing new design elements to the front of the house.

  • The front door system was replaced with a dramatic oversized Mahogany pivot door (9' tall and 5' wide), which requires less space when open and glides easily with little effort. The new entry design sets the stage for the dramatic interior renovations.

  • Stairs, featuring steel railing and custom-made, fumed-oak stair parts were made to match the European white oak floor.

  • A sliding barn door hides the entry to the garage and mud room.

  • To maximize storage, a wall of full height pantry cabinets now lines the interior wall of the kitchen. They also back up against the stairway in the foyer, separating that space from the kitchen.

  • Removed walls expand the kitchen to the new sitting room at the front of the house

Now, visitors enter through the impressive Mahogany front door, warmly welcomed by Zooey, the family's beautiful dog. As you walk through the hallway to the kitchen, a sliding barn door hides the mudroom and laundry. The new kitchen is large and bright, opening to the dining area and living room. This allows the family to be together while doing different activities — Mom and Dad can prepare meals while the kids sit at the table doing homework or play a board game in the living room. Later in the evening, the family can retire to the beautiful four seasons room to watch a movie or relax in front of the fireplace.

This project won the following awards and recognitions:

2018 Qualified Remodeler Master Design Silver Award for Addition More Than $250,000. The Four Seasons Room Addition appears in both the July 2018 and September 2018 issues of Qualified Remodeler Magazine.

2018 Chrysalis National Award for Residential Addition Over $250,000

2018 NARI Regional CotY(Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Addition Over $250,000

2017 NARI Fox Valley Chapter CotY Award for Residential Addition Over $250,000

Contemporary 4-Seasons Addition: 2018 award winner!

Multi-slide, floor to ceiling glass doors roll back with descending screens to allow everyone to enjoy the natural beauty of the property no matter the weather.

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