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"There is great complexity in the simplicity of this style. Precise measurements, fastidious attention to details, like matching intricate wood grain patterns in doors which open unimpeded while flush against a wall, are interesting challenges I enjoy taking on."


Master Craftsman Paul Driessen

European Contemporary Millwork: Beauty in simplicity

Greater Green Bay, Wisconsin: Form follows function is the philosophy of modern design. It is defined as having clean lines with little ornamentation, open space with structural elements visible. These designs usually incorporate wood, steel, glass, and concrete or stone. Modern homes and their interior elements may be visually interpreted more as artwork or sculpture or beautiful feats of engineering.

As artisans, the craftsmen at Timber Innovations enjoy working on modern style projects which incorporate new materials and building techniques. They embrace the challenge of working out an engineering element while creating a beautifully designed piece. These interior contemporary millwork elements were part of a new European Contemporary Kitchen and Dining Room projects.

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