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"There's so much more than meets the eye with this house — from the curb, it is an unassuming single-story home. Then you enter through that 14-foot front door and the scale of the house reveals itself. The two-story wall of glass takes your breath away. And yet, it is cozy and inviting."

Master Craftsman Paul Driessen

Steel Framed Glass Home: Cathedral to Mother Nature

New home construction; Green Bay, Wisconsin: The homeowners wanted a custom-designed house that was private, but would also provide views of their beautiful property and the valley below.

From the front, the residence looks like a modern, one-story home. The exterior of the steel-framed house features LP Smart Siding, Cedar and limestone. From the back, it's a two-story glass cathedral with opportunities to worship Mother Nature from every room. 

Once you walk through the 14-foot high front door, the true scale of this home is revealed.

The main floor has the primary bedroom suite, kitchen, great room with fireplace, an office and laundry room. The lower level has a trophy room, media and game rooms, and two guest bedroom suites. There's custom cabinetry and architectural metalwork throughout.

Engineering shaped this house, but artistry and craftsmanship made it a home.

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