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Architectural Woodwork: Uniquely custom-crafted

East Central and Northeastern Wisconsin Regions: Architectural Woodwork (or Millwork) refers to any exposed elements in either the interior or exterior of the home. This can include flooring, ceilings, doorways, windows, staircases, cabinetry, paneling, shelving and trim. These details can set the tone or highlight characteristics of a room or add a finishing touch to the overall design. Millworking refers to other mediums beside wood, such as metal, glass or composite materials. In certain circumstances, knowledge of other building techniques is needed, like electrical expertise for a ceiling that incorporates inset lighting or cabinetry that includes a sink.

The Timber Innovations team of multi-disciplined, skilled craftsmen bring beauty to every architectural detail of your home. Although Paul truly enjoys shaping wood in his workshop, he also works in metals, glass and most recently, concrete. He embraces the challenge of taking his client's ideas and bringing them to fruition.

"Timber Innovations installed hardwood flooring in both our living room and dining room. This involved precision and detail craftsmanship around the flagstone fireplace.”


Harrison WI Homeowner

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