September 2022

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

2022 Qualified Remodeler Master Design Silver Award: Eclectic Industrial Basement Renovation 

Judges' comment: "Consistent style throughout! Great features. Looks like it fits the client's needs!" Now, a grand entry with a modern, industrial look, was created by replacing the inside wall with a floating glass panel held in place...more

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May 2022

Fox Cities Magazine

Evening of Excellence:
NARI Honors Transformational 
Remodeling Projects

"It went from a blank canvas to a multi-purpose entertainment space with natural light," Paul Driessen, Owner/President of Timber Innovations, says. "Large windows and stair-cased window wells..." More...

Modern Mid-Century Kitchen 03_web_1200x_

April 2020

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Modern Mid-Century Home
awarded 2020 NARI National
Contractor of the Year (CotY)

Judges' comment: "Beautiful project...kept true to the original design [by Russell Barr Williamson] and intent of the home. All the angles...were extremely challenging and appreciate your solutions." More...

Modern Mid-Century Kitchen 01_web_1200x_

May 24, 2019

Kitchen and Bath Business:

Projects: Kitchens
The Wright Style

Christine Chambliss of Milwaukee-based Deep River Partners was charged with bringing a modern feel into a 1958-dated home, which had been built by a Frank Lloyd Wright associate. More...

Historic Craftsman-style

April 12, 2019

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Historic Craftsman-style Home
awarded 2019 NARI National

Contractor of the Year (CotY)

The judging is complete and we're pleased to announce that Timber Innovations LLC has been named 2019 National CotY Winner for...more

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2020 NARI Milwaukee Directory

Renovate Magazine

Unique Outdoor Retreats:
Modern Treehaus

"We developed the idea for the photo spread after seeing the “Treehaus.” It was the most whimsical project submitted to the competition this year and it’s a great representation of the diverse work of our membership. Can’t wait to see next year’s Remodeler of the Year projects!” More...

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen 1 of 9A_1200x

January 18, 2019

NARI Milwaukee

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen
wins 2018 NARI Milwaukee
Remodeler of the Year Award

One NARI judge remarked that “This remodel is a great use of space.” Guests can be in four distinctive indoor spaces, but still be all together while enjoying the amazing lake views. More...

Tree House 4-4-18-7_crop_640x400.jpg

May 2019

Fox Cities Magazine

Private Retreats:
Become One with Nature in a Treehouse

This “modern treehouse project” is a unique undertaking by Timber Innovations, based in Kimberly, that satisfies everyone’s childhood dream of having a treehouse while giving it an adult feel. “[The customer’s] house is contemporary, so we wanted to inject a level of contemporary-ness, yet have it very organic," Paul Driessen...more

Timber Innovations East DePere Home_Lake

March 2016

National Association of Remodeling Industry

2016 NARI National Contractor
of the Year (CotY) Award: 
Mid-West Contemporary Home

Our client’s waterfront property needed major updating. This residence, like many waterfront properties in northern Wisconsin, had multiple additions. The house lacked character, didn't serve the client well for entertaining and...more

Cherry Wine Cabinet 1 of 1.jpg

January 2015

Fox Cities Magazine

Corks & Craftsmanship: 
Residential wine storage
blends beauty, function

“The first things we ask about are the quantity of wine they are looking to store and for what length of time. We’ve worked on wine cellars that have held as many as 1,400 bottles of wine," says Paul Driessen, Timber Innovations. ”For those who have smaller wine collections and are looking for a convenient storage space, we create pieces that are more like furniture, they hold about 40 bottles.” More...

MKE Sept 2021_Pg68-69_Spyglass_r3_800x460.jpg

September 2021

MKE Lifestyle Magazine

Remodeler's Notebook:
A Perfect Partnership

“It’s such a passion for me,” Paul Driessen explains. “It’s not only the work we do, but the connections we make and how we’re able to bring everyone together for a collaborative effort. With this [project], it’s about how we built that partnership with Deep River and the client. We all have true respect [for] our crafts and build on our strengths to make a team." More...


April 2021

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Art Museum Gift Shop
awarded 2021 NARI Regional
Contractor of the Year (CotY)

Judges' comment: "Art is in every design element, especially the handcrafted central customer service desk and the floating canopy above. This modern, bright, welcoming gift shop will continue to inspire and entice museum visitors for years to come." More...


February 2021

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Shingle-style Lakehouse
awarded 2020 NARI Milwaukee

Remodeler of the Year (RotY)

Judges' comment: "Excellent balance between new and existing materials. Outstanding project overall....really did a nice job improving nearly every aspect of this home. Congratulations." More...


February 2020

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Modern Treehouse
awarded 2020 NARI Regional

Contractor of the Year (CotY)

Judges' comment: "This project shows a very thoughtful and extremely creative use of materials and methods...a success functionally, beautifully executed!" More

FCM_March 2020_SpyGlass_Pg26-27_6_800x.j

March 2020

Fox Cities Magazine

Outside the Cubicle:
One Room, Two Functions

“More Americans are working from home than ever before…. This Asian-influence home office with en suite bathroom works overtime by functioning as both a work space and guest bedroom." More...

Asian-influence Home Office 2018 Awards

February 13, 2019

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

Design Notebook:
Nod to Natural 

We've completed several remodeling projects in this mid-century modern home designed by Russell Barr Williamson, protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is truly a creative and enjoyably engaging collaboration among the homeowners, the designer and...more


September 2019

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

2019 Master Design Silver Award: 
Historic Craftsman-style Home Renovation 

Kudos on the design and detailing. Well done!” The 41st annual Qualified Remodeler Master Design Awards showcase creative solutions...more

Asian-influence Home Office 2-7.jpg

September 11, 2018

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

2018 Master Design Silver Award: Asian-influence
Home Office / 
Guest Bedroom

The 40th annual Qualified Remodeler Master Design Awards showcase creative solutions in the construction of extraordinary projects...more

Bellevue Home Addition 2018 NARI CotY_98

September 11, 2018

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

2018 Qualified Remodeler
Master Design Silver Award: 
Four-Seasons Room Addition 

The owners loved the location of their home, which was built on a beautiful, wooded cul-de-sac close to their workplace. They also enjoyed being outside, but Wisconsin winters made it tough to truly utilize the property. The solution was a four-seasons room with multi-slide doors, retractable floor-to-ceiling screens, heated floors and a new Rumford-style fireplace. More...

East DePere Home_Office-Display_r1_300dp

April 2018

Fox Cities Magazine

Home Office Havens: 
Work spaces for 
productivity, inspiration

If you are going to spend countless hours working in a home office having it reflect your personality can provide comfort and inspiration. “People are really personalizing their home offices based on their interests. We recently worked on an office that incorporated a wall of guitars and old amps to represent the owners interest in music,” says Paul Driessen of Timber Innovations in Kimberly....more

Universal Design Kitchen 8.jpg

March 2013

National Association of Remodeling Industry

2013 NARI Fox Valley Chapter
Judges' Choice Award: 
Universal Design Kitchen

The judges agreed that the biggest success of this project can be found in what is unseen: its accessibility for all members of the family. “It’s the best overall because it showed outstanding universal design as well as...more


February 2022

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Eclectic Industrial Basement
awarded 2022 NARI Regional

Contractor of the Year (CotY)

The judging is complete and we're pleased to announce that Timber Innovations LLC has been named 2022 NARI Regional CotY Winner for...more

MKE June 2021_Pg100-101_Spyglass_r1_800x

June 2021

MKE Lifestyle Magazine

Remodeler's Notebook:
The Heart of the Home

“The kitchen is the focal point of this home, but it was small and dated. Timber Innovations restored the open concept to this Russell Barr Williamson home and added a contemporary twist…." More...

FCM_May 2021_SpyGlass_Pg24-25_1200x630_c

May 2021

Fox Cities Magazine

Timber Innovations:
Bringing Artist Flair to Museum Gift Shop

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center space wasn’t naturally suited to be a gift shop with a narrow entry which hid the shop from view, dark lighting and a sales reception desk made of display cases stacked together.  “We wanted to add a welcoming, centralized layout,” says Paul Driessen, Timber Innovations LLC. More...

Mid-century Modern Bathroom.jpg

January 18, 2019

NARI Milwaukee

Timber Innovations LLC wins 
MKE Lifestyle Magazine 
2018 Readers' Choice Award

2018 NARI Milwaukee Readers’ Choice Award, sponsored by MKE Lifestyle Magazine, one of the prestigious awards given during the Remodeler of the...more


April 5, 2014

BizTalk with SCORE

Timber Innovations: A Business Strategy Based on Diversity

Master craftsman and owner Paul Driessen discusses relationship building with his team and his clients, constructing the client's vision and the artistry of working with a broad variety of architectural styles. More...


January 2018

Fox Cities Magazine

Home Trends Preview: 
Function and Practicality
Top the List in 2018

"Top-end four-season rooms have become a popular choice for people looking to extend the living space in their home while bringing the outdoors closer," says Paul Driessen, owner of...more

Asian-influence Home Office 5-7.jpg

April 2018

National Association of Remodeling Industry

Asian-influence Home Office awarded 2018 NARI National Contractor of the Year (CotY)

Judges' comment: "Those bunk beds are awesome! Great design. Great new look for the homeowner and even better attention to detail. Absolute stunner! More...

Timber Innovations LLC _ Custom Home Bui

June 2018

Fox Cities Magazine

Craftsmanship in Every Home,
Beauty in Detail: Residential Construction and Remodeling

Architects and homeowners have trusted Timber Innovations LLC to build their vision for a quarter of a century. Master craftsman and owner, Paul Driessen, began 35 years ago as a...more

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom 4 of 4.jpg

January 18, 2019

NARI Milwaukee

2018 NARI Milwaukee Remodeler of the Year (RotY) Gold Award: 
Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Timber Innovations worked hard to build the client’s vision and the NARI judges agreed — “Functionally, you absolutely listened to your client's wants and desires and created an amazing layout for them to age in place comfortably." More...

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen 2 of 9_1200x8

June 2019

General Contractors Magazine

The Best Kitchen
Remodeling Contractors
in Wisconsin

General Contractors Magazine named Timber Innovations LLC among the top five Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Wisconsin! More...

2011 NARI Level Best Prairie-style Kitch

March 2011

Fox Cities Magazine

2011 NARI Fox Valley Chapter Level Best Award: “Absolute Aesthetics” Prairie-style Kitchen

GOAL: Expand the kitchen space in this 1959 home to allow more room for family interaction. RESULT: An efficient blend of earthy, existing architecture and newly incorporated technology that is extravagant, yet functional...more

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