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"Timber Innovations seamlessly integrated natural materials with artisan papers and African tiles into the design of our renovated primary bathroom."


Sheboygan WI Homeowner

Primary bathroom remodel; Sheboygan, Wisconsin: The design elements in this contemporary bathroom remodel are influenced by the home’s architect, Russell Barr Williamson (protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright), and the homeowner’s art collection. From Williamson, the earthy, natural limestone walls and planter, the copper lining inside the planter and the frames around the vanity mirrors. African tiles in the vanity and artisan banana paper in the shoji doors were gathered by the homeowner during their travels.

This bathroom remodel was part of the Asian-influence Primary Bedroom project as well as the Contemporary-style Guest Bedroom remodel. The Philippine Mahogany with its unique cabinetry detailing and the banana paper in the shoji doors are consistent design elements found in both the bathroom and the primary bedroom.

Asian-influence Primary Bathroom: An ensuite spa

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