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St Thomas Moore Church Furniture: Heavenly-inspired

Appleton, Wisconsin:  A church board member familiar with Timber Innovations' work recommended Paul Driessen to design furniture for St. Thomas Moore’s recently renovated alter. The Italian marble salvaged from the church’s renovated aumbry (the cupboard that stores communion wine) was cut into crosses and inlaid at the four corners of the alter. The pulpit, lectern, candle stands and chairs were handcrafted in Cherry. Bronze church medallion inlays adorn the pulpit and lectern.

The St. Thomas Moore pastor and his congregation particularly appreciated that Timber Innovations repurposed the Italian marble salvaged from their aumbry into their new Cherry church pulpit.

"The pulpit is impressive yet humble and by putting the marble saved from the renovation into the new furniture, the history of our church is instilled for future generations."


St Thomas Moore Church Member

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