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"Timber Innovations turned our ideas into drawings and our ideas turned out beautifully. We consider the hutch that Paul built an heirloom."


Orlando FL Homeowner

Cabinetry / Fine Furniture: Hand-crafted Heirlooms

East Central and Northeastern Wisconsin Regions: Cabinetry and Fine Furniture. Unique. Handmade. Traditional. Modern. Classical. In any style you can dream of and with unique personal touches. Whether it be a library worthy of an old European estate or high tech and modern as the Guggenheim, Timber Innovations will create furniture to your specifications.

Build a family heirloom. Historically, the hope chest would become a family legacy, passed from generation to generation. Modern family heirlooms can be anything — shelves, a desk, a wardrobe or other meaningful and useful pieces of furniture. Timber Innovations can create whatever you can imagine in any architectural style. So, let your imagination soar!

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